Top 10 Birthday Gift Ideas

WHAT TO GIFT? – here are top 10 birthday gift ideas you. One more candle, one more year and one more present….while to be at the receiving end is a great fun to be on the other side of the table is a tough job (both in gift selection as well as financially).

Here are the top 10 birthday gift ideas:

  1. Gift voucher: Gift cards or vouchers as a birthday gift is an interesting option. Let your dear ones purchase what they need from the store.
  2. Wine: Raise the toast in the health of your loved ones with a sparkling bottle of wine. Wine is an all time favorite gift. Give your boss his favorite wine and witness a speedy promotion on your way.
  3. Perfume: This is something which you cannot go wrong with. Perfumes are something which everyone just loves. Simply select the recipient’s favorite brand and leave them smelling good.
  4. Jewelry: From Super Models to Super Moms gifting a piece of jewelry can work wonders for women. Present rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and even cuff links to the man of your life. Add a personal touch with the initials of the receipt name over it.
  5. Photo frames: Put that lovely picture of yours and your recipient on a beautiful photo frame. Gift this photo frame to the receipt and ask them to keep it near their bedside. You will surely score points for your uniqueness.
  6. Chocolates: A pack of chocolate will surely melt many of the hearts. Gift some mouth watering chocolates to your loved ones. For your diet conscious friend a fat free chocolates is a health alternative. You can even handmade the chocolates to add on your love quotient.
  7. Gadgets and Gizmos: For all the gadget freaks, the best gift would be gadgets. Be it mobile phones to IPods, from laptops to palm tops – it will definitely bring a smile on their face.
  8. Flowers: Let the soft petals whisper the message of love to your sweet heart. There is no better way to express your love but a flower Bouquet. This gift is loved by everyone and you can see their twinkling eyes.
  9. Business and Executive gifts: You can gift corporate gifts like portfolio bags, coffee mugs, keychains, pen sets and many more such wonderful gifts.

10.Showpiece: Gift an exclusive show piece which the receipt will add to his or her home décor. They will always remember you for helping them in enhancing their office and home decoration.

To gift some one you love is special indeed. The best way perhaps to pick the right gift is to ask the recipient of the gift what he or she needs as a birthday gift. This may spoil the mood of surprise but your loved ones will get the gift of their choice. All the Best.

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