How to make shopping list for maximum efficiency

Grocery shopping is sometimes a chore which can be difficult to fit into a busy day-to-day schedule, and is made even more time-consuming by badly organised shopping lists, resulting in a back-and-forth from one end of the store to another. Try to avoid this waste of time to make grocery shopping less of a time-consuming chore.

Try to do your shopping at a single store as much as possible. Getting to know where everything is kept will greatly increase your efficiency, stopping you from doing chicken parades up and down the aisles to find that one elusive item.

Once you have a good idea of the layout of your favourite store, make sure to organise your grocery list in such a way that your shopping is as efficient as possible. For example, group all your fresh produce items together, then place next on the list whatever comes next in the store, e.g. bakery.

There are plenty of smartphone applications which are capable of doing this organisation for you – check them out and look forward to super-efficient grocery shopping.

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